Writings ‘n Ramblings


I’m a writer. probably I should make a portfolio page for this but this is not actually the name i go by in real life so ??????? lol this is really bad this is what happens when you come back to a page you wrote a year ago having changed infinitely much

I have published-ish things on two platforms: Tablo and Wattpad. I hate Wattpad, but seeing as people seem to prefer Wattpad (?!) and don’t have Tablo accounts (!!!!), I’m there too.

My Tablo profile: https://tablo.io/caedenzeodd

My Wattpad profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/caedenzeodd

I also occasionally do #sagatimes on Twitter, in which I write things in real time in 140 character chunks. Usually I post them here as well. I also write weird fiction in the attic. Enjoy!