Wish Lists

I don’t have a Paypal/ko-fi/patreon because I don’t have a phone. But I do have things that I want in my life that you can maybe help buy for me? Thank uuuuuu

Bookish things

Book wishlist from Amazon: http://a.co/ftJrt5N (which i need to update because I just learned that KINDLE IS A FREE APP I THOUGHT YOU NEEDED THE IPAD-Y THING)

(my meatspace name is not a deadname, i know it sounds really feminine but i still use it)

Yarn-y things

These patterns are from Ravelry & you need to buy them as a gift, which you can do without an account. You can find the send-as-gift link in the box at the top of the sidebar on the right. My Ravelry username is strangeshiny (you can add me as a friend if you use it? if you want? I’m not very active though) 🙂