My writing life, August 2016

I don't even remember the last time I blogged about this... So On the Other End is almost finished. I just need to mess around with the ending a bit and then it goes to yOU PEOPLE! YAY! I've started sticking it on Wattpad / Tablo because it's the ending… How long could it take? (FOREVER… Continue reading My writing life, August 2016


Beautiful People #2

ANOTHER ONE OF THESE! I keep not being brained enough to answer the questions for the month so I keep skipping. CRASH COURSE IN ON THE OTHER END OF THE RAINBOW / ON THE OTHER END / OTOE. Basically: Norse mythology after the end of the worlds, dragons, apples, miniature bazookas, magic, burning things. (currently… Continue reading Beautiful People #2

How to write things

Part 1: the completely random poetry thing. Stare at something random. Be inspired by something random. Write a thing about something random. DONE. Part 2: the long thing. Method 1: make ToC. Stare at ToC. Write scenes at random in ToC. Realize that the ending was used by Neil Gaiman and abandon ToC. Repeat. At… Continue reading How to write things

Book Covers

So I’ve been messing around with drawing book covers for On the Other End (I’m almost done and now I’m on Wattpad as well: and OTOE is (I still hate Wattpad. You should join me on Tablo instead:  and And —*waggles eyebrows*— you don’t need to have an account to read! COME!!! WE HAVE… Continue reading Book Covers

Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather

Sorry I couldn't get this story to you earlier. Parental problems. Those are lemons. Slightly demented, orange-looking lemons. More specifically, the lemons mentioned in the earlier blog post. You know, the ones my friend told me to pick and then didn’t pick up? (not because she was a bad friend, just because no stores were… Continue reading Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather