FINALLY A NOT-SAD SAGATIME! written semi-for a friend who was going through a rough time. also, i haven't haiku'ed for you in a long time. long long long time. My brain is mostly dead because of jet lag and I want to wake up. ~ Once upon a blanket blue sky, there was a girl… Continue reading


Once upon a star-sprinkled night sky, a bunny rabbit was not sleeping. The bunny rabbit liked eating carrots and peanut butter cups. Do not question the bunny rabbit. However, even though she had exhausted her supply of carrot and peanut butter cups, she still could not sleep. This was mainly because her phone had run… Continue reading

This one is… strange. That’s all I have to say. Quick definition: #sagatime, in which I write a story in real time on Twitter. Originally Joanne Harris’s idea (@joannechocolat). ~ Once upon a dry riverbed, storm clouds gathered on the horizon. The girl was standing on the bank, barefoot, when she saw them, and she… Continue reading

This is another #sagatime. Or, when I write a story on Twitter on the spot. This concept was stolen from the wonderful Joanne Harris. My follower count there has doubled since Christmas. Which is amazing. It has also doubled here, which is equally amazing. I mean, my blogging isn’t exactly consistent. It’s way too weird for that.… Continue reading