For the world and the water and for you

The water is weeping. It slips down among the willow branches, which are bent and crying also, for they are sisters, and they know each other well. The water is weeping because there is too much in it, spilled tears and salt, dirt and blood washed away. Sounds swallowed by sewers. It races downstream in… Continue reading For the world and the water and for you


This one is… strange. That’s all I have to say. Quick definition: #sagatime, in which I write a story in real time on Twitter. Originally Joanne Harris’s idea (@joannechocolat). ~ Once upon a dry riverbed, storm clouds gathered on the horizon. The girl was standing on the bank, barefoot, when she saw them, and she… Continue reading

Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather

Sorry I couldn't get this story to you earlier. Parental problems. Those are lemons. Slightly demented, orange-looking lemons. More specifically, the lemons mentioned in the earlier blog post. You know, the ones my friend told me to pick and then didn’t pick up? (not because she was a bad friend, just because no stores were… Continue reading Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather