here is a poem about being non-binary and exhausted. ~ lots of tw's for the description bc i go into my life lots and my life has been horrid for the past few weeks: illness, caps, suicidal thoughts, abuse mention (marked), gaslighting (marked) content warnings for poem: binarism & transphobia implied, effects of depression to… Continue reading hinterlands


How to maintain your sanity

when the world is crushing your heart that doesn't want to keep beating eat something. drink some water. or intake sugar. run. exercise. punch a pillow, or bed, or something. please don't hurt yourself though. breathe. hide somewhere quiet and hug yourself and close your eyes and breathe. if it is required that you do… Continue reading How to maintain your sanity

My writing life, August 2016

I don't even remember the last time I blogged about this... So On the Other End is almost finished. I just need to mess around with the ending a bit and then it goes to yOU PEOPLE! YAY! I've started sticking it on Wattpad / Tablo because it's the ending… How long could it take? (FOREVER… Continue reading My writing life, August 2016

Beautiful People #2

ANOTHER ONE OF THESE! I keep not being brained enough to answer the questions for the month so I keep skipping. CRASH COURSE IN ON THE OTHER END OF THE RAINBOW / ON THE OTHER END / OTOE. Basically: Norse mythology after the end of the worlds, dragons, apples, miniature bazookas, magic, burning things. (currently… Continue reading Beautiful People #2

What I have done during April

spoilers: not very much Camp NaNo. This month was not a good writing month. Neither was it a good school month. It was not a good month in general. May may continue being not a good month. Bob, where Joe had had "had," had had "had had;" "had had" had had the teacher's approval. I keep… Continue reading What I have done during April


Today WordPress hates me. alksdjfhakldjfh. I wrote a song and I'm kind of freaking out because I'VE NEVER PUT MY MUSIC ANYWHERE ONLINE AND WERPQOWIEUFAJLKSDFLKASDMNC,ASJDFLAJSLKDJFLAIWUEORIUAWER. So. Um. Storytime. ~ Actually the sound quality isn't THAT bad. The first take was -shudders- ~ The Thursday of spring break (last last week [apr 19]) the receptionist at… Continue reading expectations

Wattpad vs. Tablo

*procrastinates on writing end of story, because what else do you do I'm scared* *finally uses Canva to do things* I publish my novel on two different platforms: Tablo and Wattpad. Personally, I like Tablo a lot. Wattpad just looks nicer. And feels more comfortable and normal. But Tablo is an amazing, amazing platform. What… Continue reading Wattpad vs. Tablo