How to Eat an Orange

1. Find an orange. The oranger the better, and the orangier the better. 2. Find a banana. Look at the banana. Maybe do a study of it: with a magnifying glass, on paper, with a micropipette. 3. Discard the banana. What are you doing with that? 4. Find the orange again. Honestly, you should be… Continue reading How to Eat an Orange


Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather

Sorry I couldn't get this story to you earlier. Parental problems. Those are lemons. Slightly demented, orange-looking lemons. More specifically, the lemons mentioned in the earlier blog post. You know, the ones my friend told me to pick and then didn’t pick up? (not because she was a bad friend, just because no stores were… Continue reading Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather