A crash course in Norse mythology (with bad sound effects)

Also known as, Cynthia getting mad at the inaccuracies of Marvel. edit: um apparently this is getting a lot of views from google? i honestly do not recommend this post. this is me rambling about the norse mythos. with bad sound effects. i got all this information from research online; i recommend norse-mythology.org a lot.… Continue reading A crash course in Norse mythology (with bad sound effects)


The first sonnet in some time

Today's my mom's birthday. So, because I'm a nerd, I wrote a sonnet. (It's on my other blog, the one people actually read. See: The First Site.) Being a good daughter, I didn't write her a birthday present until today. Thankfully, we had a math test. I am remarkably fast at doing math tests and… Continue reading The first sonnet in some time