the rare book review: the gauntlet by karuna riazi

I saw this one at my local library and squeed. brief summary: farah mitza finds a sinster board game in her aunt's room, but before she can start playing it for real, her brother gets sucked in and vanishes. now she has to enter the gauntlet of blood and sand to find him, solve the… Continue reading the rare book review: the gauntlet by karuna riazi


A Rare Review: A Gathering of Shadows

So I went to the library and I got approximately THE BEST HAUL EVER (see it's a perfectly satisfactory photo taken with a point-and-shoot and library books) But this is a review of AGOS… ~ The five second review: THROW IT AT SOMETHING. Longer review: OH MY GODS HOW DO I ALIVE This is the… Continue reading A Rare Review: A Gathering of Shadows

What I have done during April

spoilers: not very much Camp NaNo. This month was not a good writing month. Neither was it a good school month. It was not a good month in general. May may continue being not a good month. Bob, where Joe had had "had," had had "had had;" "had had" had had the teacher's approval. I keep… Continue reading What I have done during April

Shipping: a post with way too many questions

tl;dr (did I really just type that that's unbelievably atypical): I don't ship things. TW: a lot of questions. I don't even know why I wrote so many questions. Possibly not PG. ~ No, not the thing where you put things into boxes and send them away. Though I hardly doubt that was what you were… Continue reading Shipping: a post with way too many questions