A love letter to beehives

For my history class we had to do a project on an invention made during the Industrial Revolution. It was actually quite interesting (breakfast cereal was made to smother sexual cravings!). I chose the (modern) beehive and possibly it was the best choice that could ever have come up for me. ~ The inventor of… Continue reading A love letter to beehives

Ballet and dysphoria

(that should totally be a book title or something) I'm a dancer. About three people on the internet know that about me. I do ballet (i occasionally pronounce this with the t at the end because I'm a rebel). Sadly this mostly makes me feel dysphoric. (if you're completely confused why I'm dysphoric HERE *shoves… Continue reading Ballet and dysphoria

How to maintain your sanity

when the world is crushing your heart that doesn't want to keep beating eat something. drink some water. or intake sugar. run. exercise. punch a pillow, or bed, or something. please don't hurt yourself though. breathe. hide somewhere quiet and hug yourself and close your eyes and breathe. if it is required that you do… Continue reading How to maintain your sanity