things i wish i knew before coming out

tw: invalidation, violence/assault mention, transmisia, alt right/neo-nazis mention, trauma mention you can feel scared but you should also feel safe. danger and harm are not things to aspire to. you do not need to be at risk of violence to be trans. I think it was partially that all the trans narratives I'd read involved assault,… Continue reading things i wish i knew before coming out



[tw: discussion of triggers, low key mentions of horror and problematic material, this is getting dark for a post about podcasts wtf] if you have been anywhere on my other social media recently, you will know that i have developed an obsession with welcome to night vale (wtnv). basically: horror/comedy in a desert town with… Continue reading podcasts

A love letter to beehives

For my history class we had to do a project on an invention made during the Industrial Revolution. It was actually quite interesting (breakfast cereal was made to smother sexual cravings!). I chose the (modern) beehive and possibly it was the best choice that could ever have come up for me. ~ The inventor of… Continue reading A love letter to beehives