here is a poem about being non-binary and exhausted. ~ lots of tw's for the description bc i go into my life lots and my life has been horrid for the past few weeks: illness, caps, suicidal thoughts, abuse mention (marked), gaslighting (marked) content warnings for poem: binarism & transphobia implied, effects of depression to… Continue reading hinterlands

To the holidays

They are bundled up, walking into the mall, footsteps crunching in the snow on the walkway. It is dark, and they stick close to each other. Their breaths are frosty. A car lumbers past, people lug bags full of clothes and Christmas presents and yell at each other to hurry up, rápido rápido, mijo! “I’m… Continue reading To the holidays

For the world and the water and for you

The water is weeping. It slips down among the willow branches, which are bent and crying also, for they are sisters, and they know each other well. The water is weeping because there is too much in it, spilled tears and salt, dirt and blood washed away. Sounds swallowed by sewers. It races downstream in… Continue reading For the world and the water and for you

need to address very quickly: you know what i said about the post going up on saturday? I lied, it's going up today. I'M GETTING ON A PLANE. TODAY. THIS IS WEIRD. WE HAVEN'T FINISHED PACKING YET. This is a kind of really sad story that came out a bit differently than I wanted it to… Continue reading

Once upon a star-sprinkled night sky, a bunny rabbit was not sleeping. The bunny rabbit liked eating carrots and peanut butter cups. Do not question the bunny rabbit. However, even though she had exhausted her supply of carrot and peanut butter cups, she still could not sleep. This was mainly because her phone had run… Continue reading

The Open Mic and what in the world it is

edits: since i changed my internetname after i wrote this, post has been edited to reflect. So I'm not going on with the First Site. Instead, everything that I'm going to write will come here. Randomly. Weirdly. With the typical [Caeden] fanfare. Also, if you want to write something for it! that would be absolutely awesome!… Continue reading The Open Mic and what in the world it is