the rare book review: the gauntlet by karuna riazi

I saw this one at my local library and squeed. brief summary: farah mitza finds a sinster board game in her aunt's room, but before she can start playing it for real, her brother gets sucked in and vanishes. now she has to enter the gauntlet of blood and sand to find him, solve the… Continue reading the rare book review: the gauntlet by karuna riazi


here is a poem about being non-binary and exhausted. ~ lots of tw's for the description bc i go into my life lots and my life has been horrid for the past few weeks: illness, caps, suicidal thoughts, abuse mention (marked), gaslighting (marked) content warnings for poem: binarism & transphobia implied, effects of depression to… Continue reading hinterlands


[tw: discussion of triggers, low key mentions of horror and problematic material, this is getting dark for a post about podcasts wtf] if you have been anywhere on my other social media recently, you will know that i have developed an obsession with welcome to night vale (wtnv). basically: horror/comedy in a desert town with… Continue reading podcasts

The rare book review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

i haven't done one of these in so long alskdfjjj how does this work again ~ recently (actually not really anymore rip) i finished the hammer of thor. the second magnus chase book. i listened to the audiobook, actually, and knitted a lot of hats in the process. am i supposed to put a summary here… Continue reading The rare book review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

To the holidays

They are bundled up, walking into the mall, footsteps crunching in the snow on the walkway. It is dark, and they stick close to each other. Their breaths are frosty. A car lumbers past, people lug bags full of clothes and Christmas presents and yell at each other to hurry up, rápido rápido, mijo! “I’m… Continue reading To the holidays