how to read a graphic novel

a thorough guide to your very own graphic novel experience

  1. admire the cover art. look at it. it’s amazing. stare at the lines. stare at the inking and the coloring. stare at it.
  2. open to the first page. admire the gloss because no traditional books have that gloss and it is sexy.
  3. start reading. get confused, momentarily, by how to absorb all the talking. because there are text bubbles everywhere and are you supposed to start with the one by the character’s head or the one furthest up or the one furthest left. am i the only person who does this
    1. moving on
  4. optional: get very confused because page is overwhelming and you cannot take all this tiny text in. everyone has different text bubbles and they are ugly wtfwtfwtf
  5. flip a page. get extremely very confused because the panels don’t match up. realize that you skipped a page and go back. the pages stick together and you are angry because you can’t separate the pages. the pages must separate. sEPARATE. >:(((
    1. or, alternatively, shrug, thinking that you didn’t get the last page as well as you thought, or make up your own context and convince yourself that you didn’t skip anything at all and it makes perfect sense.
    2. if you chose to go back there is now a 99% chance that you will rip that perfect glossy page :(( oh no, you say, how will i ever return this to the library because you actually use the library. libraries are important, folks.
      1. a psa from cae to use your public libraries.
  6.  repeat as needed until you get to the end. scatter in emotions or lack thereof as necessary. enjoy.

agh but comics / graphic novels are so lovely, esp. if they’re diverse and the art is good. and then you have volume nine of the sandman ;-; the art was. traumatizing.

Comic books / graphic novels you love? hate? love to hate? hate to love? want to love but the art is just horrid and you don’t want to admit it but it’s true?? want to read?? want to burn????


i low key also want to change blog name so it doesn’t ride on haikus as much? bc i’m not japanese and neither is baldur— like i get that i can write haikus but i’m not sure i’m comfortable claiming them in such an obvious way — and honestly should i have a blog that references something that doesn’t even exist outside of a file on my laptop anymore?? should i change it to something more professional-y???? *think emoji*

this is the second blog i’ve been through, gods above. and i just changed my display name so it’s like i’m erasing my past internet history and continuing as someone completely different.



5 thoughts on “how to read a graphic novel”

  1. I’m more of a manga person, to be honest. You read it right to left instead of left to right. It’s only tricky for the first couple of pages of the first volume you read.

    *Shrugs* I don’t know. Sometimes I consider swapping my name, but I just haven’t gotten round to making a concrete decision on it yet.

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    1. i don’t like manga tbh bc i don’t like the art style, everything’s so spiky and noisy ahhh. i still can’t follow the speech bubbles right tho. ;-;

      welp names


  2. do what you wanna do!! that’s probably terribly unhelpful ahaha but ;__; also i feel all of your problems. i constantly get confused when reading graphic novels eeek

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