[tw: discussion of triggers, low key mentions of horror and problematic material, this is getting dark for a post about podcasts wtf]

if you have been anywhere on my other social media recently, you will know that i have developed an obsession with welcome to night vale (wtnv). basically: horror/comedy in a desert town with paranormal and dystopian aspects. in the form of community radio. v surreal.

i’m about 2/3 of the way through all the episodes but haven’t listened in a long time oops. the wtnv fandom is large and sprawling and every so often i get thrown back to 2013. i didn’t even have an email back then. like. i joined the book blogging community after gay marriage was legalized. hell, i barely knew what being queer meant when gay marriage was legalized. perspective.


Night Vale Presents, which makes Welcome to Night Vale (look i’m capitalizing and things! also I’m editing like a month after i first wrote it so), also makes Alice Isn’t Dead which is incredible. Which is weird because I’m not particularly into horror but at the same time it’s so beautifully written and queer and I have a soft spot for road trips that are diVERSE BUT NOT PROBLEMATIC

Side note: Gods, I’ve had so many bad experiences with road trip books. See: Mosquitoland (“war paint,” ableism), Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity (here), and The Wangs Vs. The World (holy. shit. but everyone on Goodreads is complaining about the lack of translation of the Mandarin. Gods, whites, consider your priorities). If you have recs please send ;-;

(look here’s the part I wrote about a month ago)

evi has enthusiastically rec’d me the penumbra podcast which is queer! sassy! space! and adorable

i do need a site for detailed triggers* for penumbra because it’s more explicit/violent than wtnv. Not that wtnv isn’t violent, just that the horror aspect is also set off by humor.

wtnv is impressively triggering sometimes though; a lot of the stuff involving desert bluffs and strexcorp is kinda creepy and gross.

* though! it’s really nice that penumbra puts the big common triggers up except i am now stuck on the third episode because it says trigger warning for self harm and body horror. i’m not listening to it but i hate going out of order / skipping episodes aslkdjfhkjh**

** ah. i have started ep 4. no longer stuck. :)))

(back to the present)

I’ve listened to The Bright Podcast and it’s okay but I don’t like the voices and there was a homophobic slur in the second episode. It was called out, but honestly I don’t see why they had to include it? So.

Evi and Eve @ twistinthetaile have 13809898988+ recs for you on their blogs (evi’s) (eve’s), I’m just over here wading through Night Vale. You should listen to it. It’s good.


4 thoughts on “podcasts”

  1. Aaaah!! Podcasts! I love them! I’m super glad you’re enjoying wtnv — I tried it a while ago but I’m kind of considering giving it a go again because now podcasts are a thing I listen to? But also, can I deal with the creepiness. WILL I LIKE IT. Who knooows. Yay Penumbra! I skipped a bunch of minisodes because horror but I don’t think I’m missing out too much? So, yeah. *nods* Also, thanks for linking to my post! ❤

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    1. eyy it’s not that creepy i don’t think (all hail the glow cloud) hope u like it if you go back?? :)))))

      yea same with horror i’m still incredibly behind tho [cry emoji w/ mouth open].

      yw 🙂 ❤

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  2. yess wtnv is so good!! i’m only on episode… twenty something?? but i love it a lot. so weird and great. and if you want i can warn you for tpp episodes, based on whatever you want me to mention! (based off of your things to tag on tumblr, if you’d like?) and ahhh i keep forgetting to mention to people when i rec tpp that i never listened to ep 3 and ep 13 bc they were supposed to be very creepy ;___; and neither of them are relevant to any of the other episodes which is yay! (and ahhh i can’t wait till you get to the coyote of the painted plains. my fave genderfluid train-robbing lesbian is in it. i love her.)
    as for the bright sessions: ooh, i forgot about that. it’s for character development, which isn’t good justification and probably could have been shown in better ways, but i also feel a teeny bit less bad knowing it wasn’t out of malice (??? still not good but) since the writer (lauren shippen i love her) and a couple of the vas are definitely Not Straight. and that character gets so much better and less sucky i love him. it takes a while to get into, though. :/ (a side note: i have said “i love” four times so far in this comment. i am going to chill now since this is v long and ramble-y. HAVE A GOOD DAY)

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    1. ey i just started listening to painted plains and should finish it hklsajfhdh. i have heard about chance tho because of tumblr spoilers ™. so muCH EXCITEEE so queer i love them


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