books: the good, the bad, the ugly

*gives up, finally, on any sort of capitalization*

here is a post abt the books i have read recently and how good (or not) they are.

~ currently have ~

ms. marvel #6, civil war: a good comic book. once again, i am crashing and burning because i keep missing pages when i turn them. (highlight for spoiler) and now it’s gaayyyy (end spoiler) (read already. comic books are fast like that)

sorcerer to the crown (zen cho): i found this when looking for the bone witch (rin chupeco) in the adult fiction section. i haven’t had fantasy by & about poc in some time (ah i should do a post about that) (it’s not #ownvoices, though) so i am very very excited.

(i don’t sound very excited. i’m tired. sorry ’bout that)

~ currently reading ~


welcome to nightvale, the novel (joseph fink and jeffrey cranor): wtf, cae, the two people i’ve friended on goodreads say, confused. i thought you read this already. (also: i have a new name now! i’m cae [caeden for long]!! i also keep forgetting i’m cae!! :)) )

i’m rereading.

but you just read that, you say.

i got the audiobook. because i’m trash for night vale and i want to hear cecil palmer’s (baldwin’s?) sonorous voice lull me to sleep.

welcome to night vale, if you only follow me here and have been spared from my ranting on other social media about it, is a biweekly (meaning once every two weeks; you can say it’s biweekly and bimonthly, which is strange) podcast in the form of community radio about a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead as we all pretend to sleep. welcome— to night vale.

it’s incredibly sexy writing and diverser than i expected for something written by a pair of straight white dudes. occasionally you have a particularly creepy episode but it’s generally deadpan horror. which i enjoy deeply, somehow.

if you like welcome to night vale you should also listen to alice isn’t dead which is about truck drivers and finding people you thought were dead which is something i didn’t realize i needed until now. it’s straight-up horror though so be warned (also evi kindly rec’d me the penumbra podcast which i need to listen to more and it is queer and murderous and has more kissing noises than i’d like just. the third episode ;-;)

okay i need to stop

(tw for surrealness, death, blood, flies/unhygenic?; it’s horror but deadpan horror)

~ i read these recently and i thought they were pretty good ~

which is going to be a long section because i’m depressed & tired so i can’t get excited abt anything except wtnv

blood for blood (ryan graudin): ’tis a good and heartwrenching book. friend-shipping for the win; fairly het. book two of the wolf by wolf series, which was nazi-punching + motorbike races, which was good. and we’re doing ww2 in history right now. which means i know what they’re talking about now (not necessarily a good thing. ignorance is bliss 😦 ). actually i really like this series so [thumbs up emoji] tw blood/violence/misogyny

teeth (hannah moskowitz): gay (bi) fish magic. go. i like fish. tw for description of graphic injury/torture.

at the edge of the universe (shaun david hutchinson): gay. universe shrinking. surreal. i still don’t know what i feel about this one. also ace-spec character, and a genderfluid/queer one (he/she pronouns in book but i’m using they/them for them; their presentation is v nb sometimes).

tw for self harm; i’m a bit hesitant abt reccing this one because i don’t know if it’s handled well or not but it’s also #ownvoices so (also tw for sexual assault, brief description of torture)

timekeeper (tara sim): actually tara’s having a video author visit at my school soon so excite :)). good gay clocks. my favorite (i actually like steampunk quite a bit but i can’t find anything suitably queer/mechanical/well-written/non-sexual. i ❤ mechanical schiesse). lowkey sexism/homophobia.

~ i read this recently and it’s utterly horrible (dnf) ~

the wangs vs. the world (jade chang) (copy-pasted from goodreads):

i’m impressed at how misogynistic this managed to get within the first five chapters.

sexism (“where the women were so beautiful that it didn’t matter that they were bold and disobedient,” probably paraphrased. also uses “dragon lady,” which is called out)! anti-(taiwanese?), cantonese (stereotypes, i listened to the audiobook so i don’t have all this written down), and japanese sentiment (“a japanese woman with anime eyes”)! classism (dear gods i can’t even)!!! so much! fucking! fatphobia (something abt ppl who didn’t wear makeup “secretly wanted to be beautiful” and that fat ppl were ugly)!!! glorification of suicide (chapter four is basically a graphic description of suicide. *really*)! eating disorders (chapter five is an account of how charles’s second wife starves herself over a summer to make herself look beautiful for him)!

the funniest part is all the non-chinese-speakers complaining abt the lack of translation of the mandarin tbh

i feel like it’s going to be “mc realizes that this is all wrong and changes all opinions on stuff” book but i really don’t want to listen to 11+ hrs of that

~ i read this recently and it was kind of meh ~

beautiful music for ugly children (kirstin cronn-mills): trans guy mc who runs radio show, not #ownvoices. i don’t like it much honestly… tw transmisogyny (spoiler: mc doesn’t get hurt but his friend/mentor does) like these cis authors have to stop

~ i read this recently and you should read it right. now ~

the hate u give (angie thomas): worth all the hype. i’m not a realistic fiction person but the writing was amazing and the rep was amazing and it all was amazing.

(still depressed rip it never ends)


2 thoughts on “books: the good, the bad, the ugly”

  1. there are quite a lot of kissing noises, sorry!! they go away a bit until the final resting place, just so you know. 🙂 ahhhh i really need to listen to wtnv so i can read the books and just, like, generally understand everything.
    THE HATE U GIVE IS SO GOOD I SHRIEK. it made me very sad and angry at the world but it was just so beautiful. i’m so excited for the movie ahhhhh
    and yes timekeeper!! it’s so fluffy, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i honestly should listen to penumbra more like the soundtrack is excellent -and currently my grandparents are listening to some chinese radio show with a very similar music thing lmao-
      SOO GOODOOODD ahHhh i’m probably never going to watch the movie or not when it comes out (when ur family doesn’t like movies & social justice ;-;)
      timekeeper is so much floof and soft boys ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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