The rare book review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan

i haven’t done one of these in so long alskdfjjj how does this work again



recently (actually not really anymore rip) i finished the hammer of thor. the second magnus chase book. i listened to the audiobook, actually, and knitted a lot of hats in the process.

am i supposed to put a summary here okay then. made up on the spot:

the continuation of The Sword of Summer! your favorite talking sword/goats, deaf elf, dwarf, muslim valkyrie, cishet white dude, aaaand other unannounced characters have returned!!!! prevent ragnarok once again! save the world!

trigger warnings for highkey ableism (it’s addressed in-text but fucking horrible okay, it makes me question if riordan has the right to write hearth’s story like this), transphobia / sexism (can’t tell which one it is), one instance of explicit gender-assuming should you choose to read this

i have expressed my feelings about magnus chase before (tl;dr: i hated the deaf rep, but amendment that i’m hearing and don’t actually get to have a say in this matter and i can’t find any reviews by deaf people ;-;).



genderfluid character!!

alex is a cool child to whom i relate a lot. not even because she’s genderfluid (he switches between she/he pronouns but doesn’t use they and I’M SO HAPPY THIS IS EXPLICITLY STATED AND THEY/THEM PRONOUNS ARE DISCUSSED IN THE TEXT OMG but at the same time sad because non-he/she pronouns are so rarely seen)

(it’s also really annoying when [cis] ppl decide to use they/them pronouns for alex anyway like. no. No. NOOOOO.) (and/or “i’ll use [insert pronoun here] for convenience”)

but!!! things like!!

magnus: “wouldn’t it be easier to just use they/them pronouns”

alex: “EASIER FOR YOU, YOU MEAN *aggressive eyebrow raising*”

— paraphrased

tbh i don’t relate to him because she’s genderfluid, my gender doesn’t actually change that much… i relate because he works with clay and her weapon is a magical clay cutter. being a person who enjoys ceramics, i have two things to say:

honestly don’t take alex’s advice. she says that clay can be anything when in reality clay does not like to be long thin things. don’t do it. MAGICAL CLAY CUTTERS AS WEAPONS FOR THE WIN THOUGH (actually when my 3-d art teacher introduced them to us she was like “this is a good murder weapon”)

i made a vest lowkey inspired by hers though except without checkers because i’d never done a vest-y pattern before. it was a great experience and the pattern was beauteous. currently it’s drying in my shower and yARN drIes SO slOWly


completely unrelated tangent: i listened to a girl at midnight while knitting the vest and all i can say is that [spoilers] IT ALMOST WENT INTO THE BURY YOUR QUEERS TROPE AND THE CHARACTER WAS QPOC AND I WAS READY TO MURDER SOMETHING BUT THEN SAVED THEM AT THE LAST MINUTE MY HEARTTTT (jasper’s my favorite bisexual peacock jasperrrr) [end spoilers]



  • in the first chapter magnus assumes a character’s gender and when jack (the sword) brings it up he’s like “HMM FOR CONVENIENCE” i think i actually saw red
  • 97% of the time i feel like hearth should have so much more trouble lip-reading though, esp. when jack talks because he can’t read sword lipsssss.
  • omg sam + amir are so cute. date a muslim boy who can make you a++++ falafel. even though i’ve never had falafel. it’s on my bucket list DON’T KILL ME PLS
  • loki’s voice in the audiobook is 700000% annoying, i cringed whenever i heard it which may have been the point
  • so much ramblingggggg
  • i like this a lot better than the first book? hearth + treatment of his deafness still makes me v sad though
  • i can’t decide if i want to divorce riordan. it’s getting kind of boring? but alex????
  • ????????????????

i don’t know how to rate this book, honestly. ’tis complicated.


2 thoughts on “The rare book review: The Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan”

  1. I haven’t read the book yet, but hopefully, it won’t make me drop the series.
    I’ve been taking ASL classes for the past year and my teacher signed to us that it’s extremely difficult to read lips. He and many others in Deaf community would prefer to communicate through pen and paper than to lip read (if signing isn’t an option). Usually, most of them are only able to read a few words per sentence and have to rely on context to guess at what’s being said.

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