thoughts on life, knitting, and 2017

GOOD MORNING MY FRIENDS. i have been gone for a month+. hurrah for unannounced hiatuses.

Happy 2017! about 5 weeks late. at this point in time it’s appropriate to wish y’all a happy lunar new year if you celebrate. ROOSTERS! (i’m still late it started last week. long asian holidays yayyyy)


over winter break I finally got a chest binder; my friend Yining (they/them, she/her) got it for me. Pls support my queer Chinese friend, they make lovely improvised piano pieces and they’re amazing -> patreon | bandcamp | youtube

it’s been raining an intense amount. the tuesday we went back to school i forgot to bring an umbrella and i got completely soaked.

it’s also been really really cold and i’ve been knitting my friends beanies (6 total). i don’t have a picture of said hats because the sd card of my camera died and i have to get a new one. i have FINALLY FINISHED THEM ALL.

and i’m knitting myself a sweater vest, should i ever have to go to a dance at school. it’s green, a la alex fierro from the hammer of thor (i read it despite hating the first book and hhh i will only listen to rick riordan audiobooks now, i don’t want to hate his writing because honestly?? GENDERFLUID CHARACTER IN MAINSTREAM BOOK SERIES????!!?? I NEED MORE ;-;) (i still think the deaf rep is horrid but i’m not deaf/hoh and i’ve never seen a review from a deaf person regarding it… i cry)

her sweater vest is green and pink checkered though, i don’t have pink yarn + i don’t trust myself to adjust the pattern b/c i’ve never done it before. so it’s just all green.

i love alex’s aesthetic though, he’s 192837987x more fashionable than i will ever be. i’ll probably review hammer of thor. eventually.

i went to the library way too much and had to return two thousand million books. It was horrible. it took a lot of bags and a car drive. i still have all my books everywhere. it’s incredibly messy.

my life so far in 2017 has been slightly-aggressive activism. i have:

  • emailed teacher about using they/them pronouns. y’know, the old one? who i based loki off of?
    • it’s not really abt using they/them pronouns, i mean using them in casual speech e.g. “someone’s at the door, can you open it for them”
    • …i’m never talking to him again and i will make on the other end (otoe) aggressively queerer
    • the fun
  • emailed local event about them letting jill escher to speak there. jill escher researches causes of autism, has worked with autism $peaks, and is generally gross
    • they didn’t get it
    • aand now i’m boycotting an event i actually wanted to go to
    • and facebook promo is flooding my timeline T_T
    • the fun

so yes. very amusing.

plus! i finally listened to lemonade (beyonce) and badlands (halsey) and they are so good??? i do not understand why i have not heard these songs before now. good albums. 10/10 recommend. i didn’t get to watch the videos for lemonade though (borrowed cd from library + don’t have dvd drive on computer anymore = death) and I have regrets…

~ housekeeping ~

  • possibly you have noticed that my display name has been changed from cynthia to cin to cynthia again. I’m sticking with the name Cynthia; i like it perfectly fine.
  • guys it’s been three months since i came out in meatspace and my pronouns have been used 2.5 times (the .5 accounting for when someone corrected themselves). i’m keeping count. and unless i’ve yelled at them a lot no one really apologizes ;-;
  • /rant about cynthia’s pronoun-related life struggles
  • i have now started getting very very cozy with they/them pronouns. i still use xe/xem/xyr but they/them is currently rising in acceptable-ness and it’s a lot easier for me to keep track of
  • i have decided that on tumblr you have to ask before following me. here it’s all good, but tumblr is a deeply intimate space for me and i don’t know many people on it. if you already follow me here/on tumblr you should be fine. see tumblr for further information that is yet to be released to internet
  • here is a random shoutout for Lila @ the Bookkeeper’s Secrets, who needs college funds (gofundme link). she is amazing and does amazing things, and you should totally donate if you’re able.

welp. it has been long. how have you been? what do you feel about the chinese zodiac (if your birthday’s in jan/early feb your zodiac symbol may not be what you think it is)? where are my fellow lunar-new-year-celebrating people?


5 thoughts on “thoughts on life, knitting, and 2017”

  1. ooooh yay about the binder!! and sorry about that awful teacher, imma fight him. just so you know. also whenever someone messes up your pronouns i’m just going to appear, kind of vapor-y, holding a sign with the correct ones and glaring angrily.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay beanies! Yay binders! Yay Badlands! Lol why did I pick all things starting with B? 😂

    And yay for activism! It sucks that you can’t go to the event you were looking forward to, but hopefully maybe someone somewhere in charge noticed and will keep it in mind for another time?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yay!!
      *shrug* i emailed them about it but i don’t know what happened (i think it was today?? it was on facebook). more events will come up, hopefully including ones that don’t have ableist speakers T_T

      Liked by 1 person

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