Winter-y songs!

Sooo my family is atheist (which i keep spelling aetheist). We do celebrate Christmas though; we get a tree and give each other presents and whatnot. But this year I’m kind of tired of all of it.

I made a playlist of winter-y songs that minimally mention actual holidays. This is actually hard, given that a lot of atheists celebrate Christmas. When I googled “non-christmas winter songs” most of the songs mentioned Christmas in some way. Go figure.

Here’s a link to the playlist (spotify | youtube), which contains these songs but entirely out of order and only with my favorite versions of them so *shrug*

Also 67% of these are covers because I don’t like the old original recordings. mostly Pentatonix and Leslie Odom Jr. 28% is obscure indie artists. The rest is Jingle Bell Rock.

completely unrelated note: does anyone want to beta-read something for me? it’s a short story that isn’t all that short… potentially triggering (has transphobia, mental illness, abuse, general negativity). contact me somehow. i have a contact page.

1. White Winter Hymnal

This is a slightly terrifying song about turning the “white snow red like strawberries in the summertime.” Oddly that’s my favorite line of the entire song what is wrong with me The original and the Pentatonix cover and the BIRDY COVER! are all great and also this one by a trans guy who recorded himself after various periods of time on T. But the original video is incredible (i have a soft spot for stop motion)…

(i have youtube back! did i mention that? did i even tell you that i didn’t have youtube?)

2. Winter Wonderland

RIGHT I can’t find the original (i don’t think an original exists tbh) so I’m giving you the Pentatonix cover, which is mashed up with Don’t Worry, Be Happy which is amazing too (you want a place to rest your head / somebody came and took your bed / don’t worry / be happy).

3. Goodbye England (Covered in Snow)

I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THIS ARTIST. I found the song on a winter playlist (this was last year, back when i didn’t know any of you) and liked it a lot…

4. Winter Song

this is a really nice song!!! Personally my favorite is the Leslie Odom Jr. cover (IT’S SO GOOODD AND POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE SONG ON THIS ENTIRE LIST) but look at this video it’s so adorableee

(and also Céline Dion cover…)

5. Winter Wind

This is… by Fredrick Chopin. 🙂

Here’s the version by the Piano Guys, and here’s the original. You choose which you like better.

(they’re completely different though xD)

6. My Favorite Things

Again, the Leslie Odom Jr. cover… LISTEN TO HOW HE SINGS “CRISP APPLE STRUDELS” dear gods it’s so jazzy

7. Sleigh Ride

This is Pentatonix again. I WARNED YOU. (my sister really likes the beginning ugh why are they so good at acapella)

8. Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Because I hate words, my preferred version is the piano. But I mean Pentatonix covered it too… 🙂

9. Jingle Bell Rock


10. The Atheist Christmas Carol

This is by Vienna Teng, a smol Asian singer (I think she’s Chinese but I’m not sure?). She sings and pianos. It’s incredibly Asian. Also this is basically my experience with Christmas. It’s not religious but it’s like. Gift-giving. Family time. And it has beautiful strings holy shit.

11. Sweater Weather

I lowkey don’t like this song because it has a sex mention but if you don’t want to listen to the words have the harp cover which is so gooooooodddd gsah. Still the song’s really good and I feel like I’ve heard it all my life but never recognized it??

12. So Much Wine, Merry Christmas

/drinking mention, obv.

Still, a good song. It takes place on Christmas Day but it isn’t about Christmas. LISTEN TO MEEEEEE BUTTERFLYYYYY:


Bonus, of course:


happy holidays,
regardless of what you do
or don’t celebrate.


(this isn’t my last post before christmas, hopefully i’ll finish writing a thing by then!! it will be gay!!!!)


10 thoughts on “Winter-y songs!”

  1. LOL, I misspelled “atheist” for years too… and I’m usually a pretty phenomenal speller, if I do say so myself. So you’re not alone. 😉

    I haven’t actually even heard OF most of these, let alone listened to them. But I do enjoy the Piano Guys’ holiday music! 😀 My favorite Christmas song is probably “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley, even though it’s kinda sad. My mom plays the Charlie Brown Christmas album and an album of pieces from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite a lot around this time of year, so I like that too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blue christmas sounds like something i hear a lot on the radio but never listened to on my own erp. 10/10 for jazz-y-ness

      oddly enough i have always heard of the famed charlie brown christmas album but i have never listened to it (okay maybe i have, but unnamed). and the nutcracker was never a big thing for us either (we put it on in elementary school and i think i went to see it once (my mom & sister saw it this year though))… the joys of growing up in an asian family :))))


  2. Oooh this is super nice!! I am Trash for Christmas but like half of my friends don’t religiously celebrate it so THANK YOU I’M GOING TO GO THROW THIS AT THEM. Leslie Odom Jr.’s album is sO GOOOOOOD ALKHDLFSDH
    two things: I can beta read if you’d like! also I am now very excited for the Gay Thing

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OOOH THIS IS SO GOOD. SO MANY GOOD SONGS. Leslie Odom Jr aaaah. *flails* I feel so proud to recognise some artists haha. I’m currently listening to the Sweater Weather harp cover and it is lovely. *nods*
    Vienna Teng! I have one of her songs on a playlist, I think, but now I am off to listen to some more because VERY NICE. The strings are YES. Just in general I need to listen to all of these. I’m trying to think of winter-y songs that don’t mention Christmas but I think most of the ones I could think of are on here? *hums and considers* (I have used so many asterisk things. Too many.)

    Liked by 1 person

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