A love letter to beehives

For my history class we had to do a project on an invention made during the Industrial Revolution. It was actually quite interesting (breakfast cereal was made to smother sexual cravings!). I chose the (modern) beehive and possibly it was the best choice that could ever have come up for me.


The inventor of the beehive has the best name EVER. Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth. Three l’s and it sounds SO GOOD. Lorraine is also my new name crush (previously it was Selby, which is a good name, and also all of these sound extremely old… secretly i’m forty shh don’t tell).

Our friend Lorenzo took up beekeeping because he had depression. this is really cool because IT’S NINETEENTH-CENTURY DEPRESSION REPRESENTATION. AND HE’S A GUY. SO IF THAT ISN’T VALIDATION NOTHING IS.

As a child he was also enthusiastic about insects. So he observed bees a lot and developed the movable frame hive, which increased honey production a lot.

He went to Yale. My mom would be proud.

Also he was a reverend. oh well.

but basically at the time honey was the main sweetener, so by increasing honey production the price of honey went down. Then people had more money to spend on other stuff. Then consumerism was a thing. yayyyyy.

Still, makes me want to take up beekeeping because apparently “nothing eases the mind like the incessant droning of drone bees” (source).

Except I’m lowkey terrified of bees… they are machines of death and destruction and they buzz (i mean flies buzz 934872983471x louder than bees and they also fly at 192837198273x faster speeds so they slam into windows at high speeds when they’re in houses, so…).

Bonus: Neil Gaiman is a beekeeper. Which makes it a LOT cooler. And he wrote a story set in China about Sherlock Holmes owning bees. I think it’s called A Case of Honey and Death.


When in doubt you should
buy a lot of bees and hope
you aren’t stung too much.


9 thoughts on “A love letter to beehives”

  1. Bees have all my love, tbh. I used to own them when I lived back in America; we had homemade honey in the summer & honeycomb in the winter (which, I must add, is beautifully tasty when heated on top of pie). They are not scary, I promise – more lovely & bright! I do hope to keep them once more when I go back to the States for college; I adore them & they are wonderful. ❤

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    1. i’ve considered beekeeping before (it sounds so nice! and also bees are like! fuzzy!)… mainly i’m not into bees b/c my sister got stung when she was small and it was a Big Deal so i was terrified of bees too erp

      ❤ ❤
      (i'm still freaking out that you found my blog… i checked twitter, fell in love with your writing, and became a fanperson about five minutes before i saw this so !!!!!!!!!)

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  2. I am slightly terrified regarding the origin of breakfast cereal BUT OMG YES B E E S
    I have been repeating his name to myself over and over again like WOW THAT NAME. YOU GO, LORENZO. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEEHIVE STRUCTURE.
    don’t be scared of bees!! they are small and cute and really less evil in comparison to wasps or hornets or yellow jackets which are actually just Satan Embodied In An Insect. We had bees and got honey last year (SO MUCH HONEY) but then we moved and they all died. 😦

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