NaNoWriMo and all my questions

I’m not sure if I’m going to do NaNoWriMo this year. I think I am. But I don’t know if I”ll actually follow through with it.

I have two ideas. One is set in a separate magical universe and would take me far away from On the Other End (of the rainbow) (often referred to as OTOE). This one makes me Very Excited because there are dragons and magic and autistic children and lesbian aces and queer parents and things. Because I like queer characters. It’s called Jithele.

The other one involves me doing a Joanne Harris (TM) and writing Loki’s backstory. Only it’s not the backstory before Ragnarok, it’s the one after Ragnarok and before they* become a teacher. I’m not sure what it’s called. It used to be The Extraordinary Education of Loki Laufeyarson, but that doesn’t quite apply because I’ve replotted it…

* P.S. Loki’s genderqueer and likes they/them pronouns. Because I like my characters queer. ALL THE QUEER. TOO MUCH QUEER THAN YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH**

** they’re also pan 🙂

So now the question becomes WHICH DO I DO?? Because both are great ideas and I have both kind of planned out. Though I kind of want a large break from the OTOE universe. Or to prove to myself that I’m not stuck in it. *looks at title of blog* OH RIGHT YES I’M NOT STUCK IN IT AT ALL***

*** for the unintiated: Baldur’s Ice Cream and Chocolate (shop) is a place in OTOE. Cafe on Yggdrasil the world ash.

So I’m probably going to do Jithele. That’s what it says on my NaNo account. ONLY I’M NOT DOING NANO ON THE ADULT SITE AND I’M USING THE YWP INSTEAD (plot twist). On the YWP site you can change your wordcount goal to be whatever you want. I have it set to 20000 words because I don’t think I can make 50000.

actually, I don’t know if I’m going to do NaNo at all. My mental health is still vaguely crappy and my parents don’t support my writing/art, and I spend 7000% of my time procrastinating on homework (though I could use that time to write :D) (that’s why the wordcount is so low).

I’m pretty sure I can make 20000, but at the same time. Motivation. A world that isn’t OTOe that I’m not familiar with, not really. Annnd I also have to write/edit for a club at school.

I have just realized that OTOE is pronounces O-toe.

BUT JITHELE IS A GREAT THING. I think I’ll enjoy it even though I don’t have anything figured out about it yet. It might actually become something that I will publish to the world and be proud of.

THough last year’s NaNOWRiMo is still marinating in my “long things” folder on my computer…

Are you guys doing NaNo? do you have plans? how goes life?


3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and all my questions”

  1. I’m doing NaNo! XD I’m hoping that I can finish it, because I haven’t been able to finish anything new since I ended my last big project. Being stuck in a story rut is the worst. 😦
    Good luck for if you decide to do it! 🙂


    1. sameeeee… I haven’t even finished OTOe but I haven’t been able to finish anything really long and good that I wan to keep work on.


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