A small amount of drawings and fangirling over my school library

So because I only said it like once and 90% of the world missed it, I have a tumblr. It’s called coffeeinthevoid because complicated analogies.

Basically because of this post I drew a lot of my characters wearing different clothes. The one above is Lupe (magician) and his cat (Gato and gods that was not consistent at all T__T) at a party they don’t want to be at. They’re in a broom closest. Gato is not wearing a party hat. I can’t draw hands.


6: formal gala wear (I failed tragically)
10: outdoorsy clothes
16: winter, in three parts. I can’t draw blankets.

Here is also a picture in which Kate is amused by the fact that Lupe is wearing sneakers and will gain wet socks.

(Ugh I hate spellcheck on phones)

Annd bonus picture of An, because Evi requested:

4: night clothes
5: swimwear oh wait that’s kind of a spoiler isn’t it FUCK YOU SPELLCHECK
20: last minute throw-ons, which i failed at. Also, knitted items (glove, indecisive sweater)

bonus bonus but not really: pwr bttm lyrics. please don’t sue me



my school library is the best of ever and they had *both* Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson and More Than This by Patrick Ness. Both covers are utter brilliance:

More Than This literally has a hole in it. I need to write a review for my library book review blog remind me T____T.


Naturally I had to do this:


I most definitely recommend Furiously Happy. It’s about depression and happy dead racoons. It’s weird. iT’s ridiculous. It’s incredibly funny. rEAD IT.

Anyone have tumblrs? Comment links? Has anyone read Furiously Happy / More Than This? Are Patrick Ness’s covers utterly amazing? DO YOU LIKE PWR BTTM?


6 thoughts on “A small amount of drawings and fangirling over my school library”

  1. I AM IN AWE OF YOUR ART SKILLS. *cries because I’ve haven’t even drawn since I dropped art last year* Although, like, I really feel you on the hands. Avoid drawing hands in all possible situations. But YAY ALL THESE CHARACTERS ARE SO WONDERFUL. I also flailed about the hole in the More Than this cover — I do hope you enjoy it.
    (Also, I have been listening a little to PWR BTTM and I like them a lot. Alas my spotify subscription ran out, though, so I seriously need to buy some stuff on iTunes. Also I’ am 80% sure I’m following you on Tumblr? Yeah.)

    Liked by 1 person

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