What to paint with nail polish

Specifically, the one that you'll never use again because you don't wear nail polish but IT WAS PRETTY OKAY Recently, I went to Walgreens. With my sister. My sister loves makeup / nice clothes / looking pretty. I hate it utterly. But then we found that there was a nail polish sale. It was AMAZING. There… Continue reading What to paint with nail polish


How to maintain your sanity

when the world is crushing your heart that doesn't want to keep beating eat something. drink some water. or intake sugar. run. exercise. punch a pillow, or bed, or something. please don't hurt yourself though. breathe. hide somewhere quiet and hug yourself and close your eyes and breathe. if it is required that you do… Continue reading How to maintain your sanity

A small amount of drawings and fangirling over my school library

So because I only said it like once and 90% of the world missed it, I have a tumblr. It's called coffeeinthevoid because complicated analogies. Basically because of this post I drew a lot of my characters wearing different clothes. The one above is Lupe (magician) and his cat (Gato and gods that was not… Continue reading A small amount of drawings and fangirling over my school library