My writing life, August 2016

I don’t even remember the last time I blogged about this…

So On the Other End is almost finished. I just need to mess around with the ending a bit and then it goes to yOU PEOPLE! YAY! I’ve started sticking it on Wattpad / Tablo because it’s the ending… How long could it take?


(Also Tablo changed and it’s just about the most beautiful thing on Earth. You should use it.)

And OTOE got a lot queerer. I thus discovered that I am semi-capable of writing romances and am much more comfortable with gay things than non-gay things. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I’M STILL WORKING ON BEING A GOOD ACTIVIST PERSON.

Currently I’m working on a bunch of things to negate the impending loss of OTOE, which I have been writing for three years (TT_______TTTTT).

Thing 1: war in America, not so distant future, and peace-bringer. gay. Short story that I still haven’t finished (oops).

Thing 2: hesitantly called “Jithele.” alternate universe. Deaf people, aspies. dragons. Gay. LOOOOOONGG.

Thing 3: a thing I’m supposed to be writing for Errin… haven’t started it yet. 😀

Thing 4: a… musical? I have no idea if it’s going to work out. I’m kind of terrified of this one because I have very few physical friends who like acting (…one?) and also I’d have to find a male actor (do I look like I know guys). TERRIFYING YES. Though set design would be interesting. And weird.

There are other things I’ve been thinking about… sequel to OTOE? I’m tempted because there are a bunch of characters I still want to work with. Something for my school’s literary magazine because I don’t believe anyone has published anything queer yet (might end up being Thing 1).

Also I really need to type stuff up or get about ten thousand more notebooks. Though I’m really bad at organizing notebooks so maybe it’s a good thing that I only have one on me right now… It’s so messy. I work on a lot of stuff at the same time so it’ll be one page of Jithele, one page of musical, one page of peace-bringer, no pages of the thing I’m supposed to be writing for Errin…

And also doodles, because I’m kind of using this notebook as vol. 2 of my 3-D art class. I’m taking it as an elective and we’re keeping a journal for that, but! So I have weird drawings in there too.

(can I have your feelings for the one with the girl in the middle? You need to click on it to see it better but I NEED A CRITIQUE SO I CAN MAKE A BIG VERSION OF IT DANGIT T_T. So there’s this art contest and the theme this year is “follow your dreams.” I twist prompts a lot. So this is me getting mad at Bay Area parents for not letting us follow our dreams. Does it make sense?) (Maybe you have to be a Bay Area person to get it, which means I need to ask my friends / art teacher / GAAAAAAHHHHHH)


I don’t remember
the haiku I was going
to write so here’s this.

(okay remembered it)

I’m surprised that I
used proper punctuation
in this post. Mostly.


8 thoughts on “My writing life, August 2016”

  1. Ahhh I’m so excited about OTOE! (I may have commented a bunch more while you were gone…oops?) Also, all of those writing projects (a musical!!! !!!!!!!) sound amazing and super lovely and super gay, which is always great. I love the art piece with the girl- it looks really cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I recommend you buy the ten thousand notebooks, for no other reason than that is what I would do. And then I wouldn’t want to write in them, because they’re so pretty and new and my handwriting will ruin them. 😉


    1. A most excellent reason, though I too would mess them up with my handwriting, my sister’s handwriting, my weird drawings, and the messiness of it all… T__T


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