written semi-for a friend who was going through a rough time.

also, i haven’t haiku’ed for you in a long time. long long long time.

My brain is mostly
dead because of jet lag and
I want to wake up.


Once upon a blanket blue sky, there was a girl with a red balloon. She loved her red balloon very much, and carried it everywhere she went. Until one day, the balloon string broke and it floated up into the sky.

The girl was sad then. She had had her balloon for a long, long time, and she didn’t know why it had left her. So she learned how to fly and followed it upward with only the wind and clouds for company. She followed it for a long time. Gravity tried to pull her down; she didn’t let it.

At last she reached her balloon, and she reached out for it, trying to grab the string.

But it fell. All the way back down to earth.

The girl watched it fall in silence. She could hear the sound of her heart breaking in the wind. Then she flew up, into the stars and onto the moon, and stayed there, weeping.

But the world was not content to let her sit there. He called a breeze to run up to the moon and bring her back.

The breeze slipped around the girl like a silk scarf and said, “Will you come home with me?”

“I have no home,” the girl said. “Not without my balloon.”

“Listen,” said the breeze. “You will be fine without him. Come down. We miss you.”

“I’ve never seen you before,” said the girl.

“Ah,” said the breeze. “But I have. We love you. Do come down.”

“No,” said the girl. “I’ll come down when in ready.”

The breeze thought this was reasonable and left. The girl sat on the moon watching her go.

She saw the earth beyond the breeze, saw the mountains and oceans and plains. She saw the lights of the nighttime houses and knew there were people down there, who loved her, and a home.

So she stepped off the moon and flew down and lived.


3 thoughts on “”

    1. i know! i needed something happy for friend (though i haven’t showed it to her? practically no one on facebook knows of the existence of this blog)

      stories will be sad again soon… i have a reputation to uphold (*slightly guilty grin so okay i’ll write a few nice ones occasionally*)

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