Trains: what i did last month

*warning: really, really, really, really long.*

a few words of description: taiwan. china. trains. planes. Visiting people. food. kfc. cousin-ness.

part the first: taiwan.

I watched zootopia on the way there and might I scream a little bit now and tell you that zootopia is amazing go watch it

it rained a lot because there had just been a typhoon. we went on lots of trains and were tourists for a week and lived with my mom’s friend from high school. taiwanese trains are great. I GOT SO BUGBITTEN I CAN’T  EVEN

also i diagnosed myself with high functioning asperger’s, which is odd. i shall write a post about that later.

part the second: shanghai.

lived with grandparents (mom’s side) and both cousins (one younger, one older). older one is going to college. went on subways. ate kfc. slept a lot. also did this thing where the entire mom’s side of the family gathered.

My cousin-brother (I dunno if the rest of Chinese does this but I call my cousin my brother in Chinese and I insist on accurate translation) changed his name. Semi-legally. On Facebook.

Also since he’s old now I think I’m allowed to give you his website… He codes stuff. android stuff. sadly if you don’t have an android you’re out of luck.

(If you’re wondering why half of this has proper capitalization, it’s because I wrote some of it on a phone)

also, it turns out that you can actually access twitter / facebook / wordpress / all the social media of ever from china. semi-legally. You may have noticed me occasionally. BUT STILL.

and my feelings of frustration at the world started getting really bad again

part the third: Changsha / I forgot the name of the other place 

My mom had a reunion of her high school friends. They ate noodles and drank (though a lot of them toasted each other with tea and I was proud) and sang loud Chinese songs. My sister and I didn’t have that much fun. However HUNAN (Changsha is in Hunan) FOOD IS THE BEST OF EVER.

part the fourth: Beijing

So it was my first time in Beijing!

Personally I don’t like it very much. There are waaaaaaaaaaay too many people. also polluted. Though the architecture is amazing.

We slept on a train on the way back. Then for the rest of the day I felt like I was on one and it was horrible.

Part the last: Shanghai again

Saw people. Slept. Ate things. Got rained on. like you do


  • China is incredibly loud at night
  • I hate bug bites
  • the sheer number of people with the last name Li (李) could take over the world oops
  • Spicy food dear gods
  • China is not a good place for the vegetarian I’m sorry
  • Hot
  • My cousin-brother has great hair
  • My cousin-brother’s so old he’s going to college
  • Oh no I’m going to crash and burn
  • My cousin-siblings’ names in English would be One One (old), Bean Bean (me), Sprout Sprout (sister), and Canyon Canyon (small cousin-brother)
  • I like trains
  • So many trains

so I’m still jet-laggy and very very very sleepy like always. aaaaand school is starting monday, which is delightful.

i mean, i have a ton of pictures but i don’t particularly feel like getting my camera right now so i guess we’re going without? also my cousin is a great guy but doesn’t do social media so i have nothing i can yell at you to boost.

chinese / taiwanese persons, you need to tell me where you are from so i can potentially track down your relatives and tell them I KNOW YOUR NIECE / COUSIN / GRANDDAUGHTER. though my chinese is utterly horrid.


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