being an aspie: or, what goes on in my brain

if you're tired of the 298109237981723+ other posts i did about my personal life and brain space, you're perfectly welcome to skip this one. asperger's / autism, for the unaware (i would suggest that you've been living under a rock but I was too when i was in like middle school) is this thing when… Continue reading being an aspie: or, what goes on in my brain


My writing life, August 2016

I don't even remember the last time I blogged about this... So On the Other End is almost finished. I just need to mess around with the ending a bit and then it goes to yOU PEOPLE! YAY! I've started sticking it on Wattpad / Tablo because it's the ending… How long could it take? (FOREVER… Continue reading My writing life, August 2016

For the world and the water and for you

The water is weeping. It slips down among the willow branches, which are bent and crying also, for they are sisters, and they know each other well. The water is weeping because there is too much in it, spilled tears and salt, dirt and blood washed away. Sounds swallowed by sewers. It races downstream in… Continue reading For the world and the water and for you