A list of things found at my local library

HEEEEELLLLO. i have vanished off the blogverse for a few days. do excuse my absence. I’m going to vanish for approximately the rest of july too. There will be a post going up on saturday and it happens to go up right before I get on my airplane to Taiwan. like nine minutes before the airplane takes off. If we aren’t delayed and all goes correctly.

(clarification: yes i am chinese. not taiwanese. we’re being touristy.)


A list of things found at my local library

(& why you should go to them)

  • four copies of The Sword of Summer, I kid you not T____T
  • four volumes of Frozen (the movie) children’s readers
  • two copies of Loki’s Wolves (which is a rather strange book about the end of the world and Norse mythology)
  • all the books I desperately want to get but can’t because I’m travelling and can’t bring library books with me
  • squishy armchairs
  • picture books featuring ducks and octopus dolls
  • weird stuff people leave in books as bookmarks
  • absolutely no Joanne Harris books, including that copy of The Gospel of Loki I found shelved in the children’s hardcover section O.o
  • SAT / AP prep books
  • kids playing video games rather loudly on library computers
  • weird whiny sounds
  • “the mighty thor”
  • an entire wall of manga
  • the odd disappearance of the CD of the soundtrack of Hamilton: an American Musical when you can’t put holds on CDs
    • which means people reaaaally like Hamilton if they want it as a CD.
  • The Sandman by Neil Gaiman (99% of which probably exists because I got all of my sandman from that library system and no one appears to read it :D)
  • really cold water fountains
  • books you thought were children’s fiction shelved in the teen section and vice versa
  • books published like two years ago in the “new” section
  • audiobooks that refuse to cooperate with your cd player
  • tiny people
  • teeny pencils

i just really feel
like making lists because they
are really easy.


5 thoughts on “A list of things found at my local library”

  1. LIBRARIES HUZZAH. Aka my favourite places ever. I’m, like, the only person in my group of friends who goes to the public library and I cannot understand it. Picking up like 12 books and reorganising all the shelves is super satisfying.
    ANYWAY. *whispers* …Do you know Runemarks? I have been sad that no one seems to have read it, but I still love those books. (SORRY IF I COMPLETELY MADE THAT UP. I just saw Joanne Harris and The Gospel of Loki and Norse mythology things. Yeah.)

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      also Rain @ Ivyclad Ideas is a runemarks fan too > ivycladideas.blogspot.com

      Liked by 1 person


        And thanks so much — I shall go check out their blog! Aah it’s awesome to find other people who’ve read this after, like, several years being alone haha.

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  2. THIS IS ALL VERY TRUE. All of the books in my library, despite it being much better than my old one, are, in fact, not new at all. The nice thing is that my library is very quiet and nice and the librarians are really friendly and will return your bookmarks if you leave them in your books quite frequently like me. (oops)

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    1. our librarians don’t do that so we end up with books with receipts and bookmarks and business cards in so it can be very strange.

      I should move to georgia and adopt your nice librarians. They sound very nice *nods*

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