Ze Handwriting Tag

Evi tagged me for another thing. It is a highly cool tag (and she made it) involving handwriting and shall be my last post before I disappear into nothingness. *is vaguely terrified by the tags raining down upon me* *dangit evi at this rate my blog shall be overtaken by EVI HAS TAGGED ME FOR ANOTHER… Continue reading Ze Handwriting Tag


need to address very quickly: you know what i said about the post going up on saturday? I lied, it's going up today. I'M GETTING ON A PLANE. TODAY. THIS IS WEIRD. WE HAVEN'T FINISHED PACKING YET. This is a kind of really sad story that came out a bit differently than I wanted it to… Continue reading

A list of things found at my local library

HEEEEELLLLO. i have vanished off the blogverse for a few days. do excuse my absence. I'm going to vanish for approximately the rest of july too. There will be a post going up on saturday and it happens to go up right before I get on my airplane to Taiwan. like nine minutes before the… Continue reading A list of things found at my local library