list of happinesses

(which is a post idea i stole from zin, who’s cool.)

(and i do realize that a) i’m not capitalizing anything here and b) happinesses is not an actual word. shush.)

because I just unleashed a sad post on you, I must now write a happy post. If you comment things that make you happy I’ll add a page to the site and we’ll have a compilation of everything that makes everyone happy when you feel sad and when I feel sad and when anyone feels sad and we’ll get cheered up.


  • reading
  • writing
  • writing sonnets
  • blogging
  • making weird art
  • doing weird things for the blog
  • twitter!
  • learning languages
  • norse mythology
  • amanda palmer and her music and the fandom
  • neil gaiman
  • joanne harris’s #storytimes, which are like #sagatimes, which are basically me telling stories on twitter live except 10398102938102938+x more expert than mine (she created them, she’s cool, she writes stories about norse mythology, french food, and shoes, not necessarily all at once), one of which i should probably do sometime soon
  • maggie stiefvater
  • when i get comments and get to flail about books and art and music with all of you
  • pinecones
  • libraries
  • shampoo that smells really good
  • travel
  • weird emoticon / sticker / gif conversations
  • conversations with old teachers / crossing guards
  • playing the ukulele
  • banging on the piano
  • reading the dictionary (yes i know i’m weird)
  • the fact that things like strawberry cheesecake popsicles exist
  • reading my old journals (only works sometimes)
  • chocolate, ice cream, tea, hot chocolate
  • jackets
  • knitting
  • playing the ukulele at random strangers in the park
  • showers
  • my ninth grade bio teacher
  • bald people
  • untangling string (i know i know i know i’m weird)
  • floooooffy pillows
  • waking up early
  • birds (gods they can be so loud)
  • having weird conversations with people
  • cats
  • dogs
  • tea (wait dangit i’ve written that already)
  • fish (esp. fish references and fishtanks)
  • writing blog posts like this
  • oranges
  • chickens
  • peaches
  • food
  • dancing (ballet)
  • sloths (this is related to my love of amanda palmer \|/)
  • nieves (band from glasgow)



8 thoughts on “list of happinesses”

  1. and:
    -my seventh grade social studies teacher, who was very cool
    -math, sometimes
    -hot chocolate
    -taking pictures
    -being sappy
    -hot chocolate
    -that one twitter account called Bird’s Rights Activist that’s written from the pov of a bird and is super funny
    -well written fanfiction
    -buttons and pins
    -cool earrings

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    Things that make me happy:
    -art-ing weirdly
    -my family
    -my friends, who are very cool and I’m still surprised by
    -my awesome internet friends like YOU *pokes nose*
    -lyrical dancing, even though I don’t do it anymore
    -playing the alto saxophone
    -listening to music
    -making weird playlists
    -going on walks
    -playgrounds, because inside I am secretly a four year old
    -that one weird school with a little baseball field that was down the street from my old house
    -sweet tea
    -Southern accents when attached to nice people
    -my house
    -chickpea daal when my friend’s mom makes it
    -my godparents
    -my extended family and smol second cousins
    -randomly trying to play stuff on the piano
    -randomly trying to play the guitar, which usually doesn’t work
    -colorful pens
    -the library
    -seeing happy people and cute people and people who look like you could write a story about
    -the Bay Area
    -the hills in San Francisco
    -seeing hills in the horizon because I don’t see that anymore
    -band classes
    -jazzy and big band music

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      (i like this list)
      (I like the fact that we are basically the only inhabitants of this blog and we kind of flail around doing nothing)

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      1. YAY!
        (oh well, we can sit and drink hot chocolate in peace and quiet then I guess 😀 )
        (also would you mind if I posted my list on my blog as well because that’s actually a rather lovely post idea)

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      2. (also, because I spastically stalk various bloggers’ twitters occasionally, you should totally watch Doctor Who! It’s funny and great and absolutely brilliant and lovely and there are great characters!)

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      3. (OH YAY proud to be stalked by a dinosaur) (this is also one of my life hobbies *high fives*)

        (I’m going to the library later and i SHALL GET THE FIRST EPISODE AND WATCH IT!)
        (*pokes nose again because i have a thing for poking noses i don’t know why*)

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