hello friends.

a) I’m going to Taiwan / China July 10 — August 5. blog will run wild unattended. not scheduling any posts for then.

b) post will go up soon. it’s a dark post about my childhood and depression. at least i think it’ll go up and perhaps I’ll chicken out of posting it.

c) i made a tumblr. I’m, which is what happens when my analogies get way out of hand.

d) ukuleles.

e) life.

f) i don’t know. life life life life life life.

g) lifffeeee

h) you’re the train that crashed my heart / you’re the glitter in the dark / oh laura / you’re more than a superstar.

h.1) come sail your ships around me / and burn your bridges down

i) tell me about your life. what are you doing? summer plans? weird obsessions? things that have happened? do you wish for me to track you down and come to your house playing the ukulele?


9 thoughts on “life”

  1. Ahhhh have fun! That sounds like a great trip, we will miss you though.
    The other day I watched Chicago and now all I can think of are those “give ’em the old razzle dazzle” memes.
    I went (back) to California at the end of May! And then I went to Charleston, which was lots of fun. But now I’m just hanging out for the rest of summer. I go back to school the FIRST DAY OF AUGUST which is very obviously a monumental tragedy.
    You have gotten me obsessed with “Laura” and I am not at all displeased.

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