Okay I realize today (6-20) will have passed by the time most of you read / listen this but SHUSH. I live on the West Coast and we experience the phenomenon known as MIDNIGHT later than the rest of the world.

I wrote a story and told it while holding a candle. There’s a moment of silence at the end. May you be able to hear me properly…

(*SPOILER* the last line of the story is “and he wondered if they would ever meet again.” It’s a rather sad story.)

(the candle’s not scented. It’s a mason jar with rocks and a candle in it.


) (I realize that this photo will get tweeted and the world will wonder what I do with my life)

And thanks to the wonderful people who commented on the last post! Thanks to the wonderful people who followed me in the past week (like five people, which is a record)! Thanks to all of you you wonderful people for sticking through this blog’s weirdness!

(erm I wrote the story and I have the “official transcript” typed up but it’s completely different from the way I told it… would you like me to stick it in a post somewhere if you have no idea at all what I said?)

So tell me. HOW GOES LIFE? DO YOU ENJOY RECORDING YOURSELF HOLDING A CANDLE AND KIND OF MAKING UP A STORY? Do you like moments of silence? How hot is it where you live? How much better would this have been if I had played the ukulele?


I think “once upon
a time” is still a great way
to start a story.


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