today is a very special day

Photo on 6-15-16 at 12.22 PM

(it’s folded in half because otherwise it wouldn’t fit in my ukulele case) (we had no better way of transporting it) (I made myself a ukulele case maybe I’ll show it to you sometime…)

(I painted the starry night in the back with my art teacher when I was like eight.)

Take the chocolate. It’s yours forever and ever now. We should possibly name it.


this is going to get rant-y because i’m kind of sad.

(oh look my face is so very happy up there but chocolate is good) (that was this morning. I’m dropping between happiness and sadness.)

You know. Orlando. Guns. Death. Shootings. Politics exploding and the filibuster on gun control on the Senate floor.

which is great and all but I can’t really deal with it. I just want everyone to kind of huddle in bed and hug the entire world.


It’s been a long week.

I discovered that my dad supports trump on Saturday and what the actual fuck.

Then Christina Grimmie was shot outside her gig while she was signing, and while I’d never heard of her, some of my favorite artists are serial after-show signers.

Then Orlando.

Then one of my internet-friends from Alabama was sad, and one of my internet-friends from michigan was sad.

Then there was a shooting in Oakland at a memorial. I live in San Jose. too close. it feels like nothing is sacred anymore.

i’m not really scared, or angry. just sad. and my heart hurts. can we just stop killing people?

i think i’m going to stay off twitter and just keep to the blogworld. you guys are good.

I’m hungry.

should I eat that chocolate? or keep it for prosperity so I can whip it out randomly and say FEEL BETTER, BLOGFRIENDS.


(reminder that we should still say nice things to evi)

*cuddles up in bed with all of you simultaneously*

how’s life? how are you actually? would you like a ukulele ballad (you probably don’t know the songs I do but eh whatever. I’ll put something in the comments or a later post if you’d like something)? songs you want me to learn on the uke? general comments about life?


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