list of happinesses

(which is a post idea i stole from zin, who's cool.) (and i do realize that a) i'm not capitalizing anything here and b) happinesses is not an actual word. shush.) because I just unleashed a sad post on you, I must now write a happy post. If you comment things that make you happy… Continue reading list of happinesses


Beautiful People #2

ANOTHER ONE OF THESE! I keep not being brained enough to answer the questions for the month so I keep skipping. CRASH COURSE IN ON THE OTHER END OF THE RAINBOW / ON THE OTHER END / OTOE. Basically: Norse mythology after the end of the worlds, dragons, apples, miniature bazookas, magic, burning things. (currently… Continue reading Beautiful People #2

Alexander Hamilton

MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON THERE'S A MILLION THINGS I HAVEN'T DONE JUST YOU WAIIIIIIITTTTT ~ My eighth grade social studies teacher made me listen. Blame her. (non-Americans, you're getting a semi-crash course in early American history.) ~ I'm telling you my weird life stories again. At my school in eighth grade we do American history.… Continue reading Alexander Hamilton

A Rare Review: A Gathering of Shadows

So I went to the library and I got approximately THE BEST HAUL EVER (see it's a perfectly satisfactory photo taken with a point-and-shoot and library books) But this is a review of AGOS… ~ The five second review: THROW IT AT SOMETHING. Longer review: OH MY GODS HOW DO I ALIVE This is the… Continue reading A Rare Review: A Gathering of Shadows