The Open Mic and what in the world it is


edits: since i changed my internetname after i wrote this, post has been edited to reflect.

So I’m not going on with the First Site.

Instead, everything that I’m going to write will come here. Randomly. Weirdly. With the typical [Caeden] fanfare.

Also, if you want to write something for it! that would be absolutely awesome! Here’s a form for that!

I think that’s it?

(Also PSA: there’s a contact form on the blog now if you want to yell weird stuff at me, including book recs, demands for kfpp / reviews / weird pictures / haikus / dragons / chocolate, life problems, life advice, requests for internet hugs / ukulele songs, etc.)

(Open to ranting at all times.)

(or if you just want to email me: [caedxnli [at] gmail [dot] com].)


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