Kfpp: DIY knitting needles

The author is not responsible for any injuries, illness, and/or death related to kniting, including but not limited to stabbing self with needle, strangulation by yarn, irritation due to type of yarn used, pummeling by others due to being scared by the knitter’s trying to figure out how exactly their sweater was knitted.

(this one especially)


Normal knitting needles:

  • pencils
  • pens
  • wooden skewer things
  • chopsticks
  • really, anything that’s long and pointy at one end
    • or both


  • you’re kind of out of luck here unless you’re like Cynthia and want to destroy a pair of chopsticks
    • you do this by splitting them in half and tapering off the ends
  • also, pencils with both ends in the sharpener
    • colored pencils may be more successful

Circular knitting needles:circneedles

  • basically you knit onto the dpn and when you run out of space move the stitches to the shoelace
    • does that make sense?
    • doesn’t have to be a shoelace. Can be… rubber bands. or something.
    • yes i now have more yarn
    • I’ll probably do a more in depth post about circular knitting needles


  • you are out of luck.


P.S.: I now have
a large amount of yarn, and
Michaels now does not.


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