The Open Mic and what in the world it is

edits: since i changed my internetname after i wrote this, post has been edited to reflect. So I'm not going on with the First Site. Instead, everything that I'm going to write will come here. Randomly. Weirdly. With the typical [Caeden] fanfare. Also, if you want to write something for it! that would be absolutely awesome!… Continue reading The Open Mic and what in the world it is

Kfpp: DIY knitting needles

The author is not responsible for any injuries, illness, and/or death related to kniting, including but not limited to stabbing self with needle, strangulation by yarn, irritation due to type of yarn used, pummeling by others due to being scared by the knitter’s trying to figure out how exactly their sweater was knitted. (this one especially)… Continue reading Kfpp: DIY knitting needles

What I have done during April

spoilers: not very much Camp NaNo. This month was not a good writing month. Neither was it a good school month. It was not a good month in general. May may continue being not a good month. Bob, where Joe had had "had," had had "had had;" "had had" had had the teacher's approval. I keep… Continue reading What I have done during April