Computers vs. my eyes

(This post was scheduled. Past-Cynthia has time-travelled to you. Pineapples.)

Spoiler: the computer wins.

I’ve installed an application on my computer called Flux. I’ve come to depend on this.

Flux changes the color of your computer screen and makes it warmer. Which also means it isn’t as glowy. Which also means I can actually stand looking at it.

Before I started using Flux (which was recommended to me by my mom’s friend’s son, who is now my mom’s friend. He’s in college), I was just turning the brightness of the computer WAYY down, which sometimes wasn’t enough.

I’m fairly sure most of the world does not have this problem. After all, my sister hates it. (We share the same computer, she uses Chrome, I use Safari [I know that’s probably the least high-tech browser ever], and she disables Flux for Chrome and whenever I accidentally go onto Chrome I DIE.)

Sometimes computer screens make my eyes feel SO. WEIRD. Sometimes I have problems focusing; sometimes they hurt; they get tired constantly. Due to the fact that my sister has no problem with this, I can conclude that most of the world doesn’t have this problem either.

I think the word for this is photophobic. It also aligns with my inability to sleep when there’s a light source. Which means I should probably get a pair of sunglasses, but I hate sunglasses.

I highly recommend Flux. It’s an excellent application and your eyes will thank you. So will your sleep.

You can download it here: I’m not doing this for money. Flux actually saves my life, often.

On a side note, I also have problems with earbuds, especially if the volume’s turned up loud. Some of my friends (and my sister) have the earbuds in AND the volume turned up, and I worry what this is doing to their ears.

Do you have similar eye problems? Or earbud problems? Do you use Flux?


Computers and I
are in a horrid, dreadful,
sad relationship.


8 thoughts on “Computers vs. my eyes”

  1. When I was younger, I knew a girl who’d turn herself partially deaf through listening to music too loud. Her solution? Turn it up louder.
    I always keep my screen on lowest brightness. Everyone else tells me it looks really dark. I think it’s fine.

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    1. I know… Sometimes I can hear it with the earbud an inch (erp you’re not from America — 2.54 centimeters) from my ear and I kind of stare and the stare yells WHAT EVEN HOWWWW

      I’m not that crazy I promise.

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  2. i’ve saved the link for flux – i’ve heard a lot about it, but i just haven’t downloaded it yet. i mean, my head tends to ache beyond belief if i stare at a computer screen for too long but i still do it?? which is horrible, so – i feel you. i really do.

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