Underappreciated Authors #5

Also a thing I haven’t done in forever… Sorry, Claire.


Underappreciated Appreciated Authors is a meme hosted occasionally by Claire @ Blankslater Reads.


So I was looking through the old books that I’ve read that I recorded physically, and here we have a few authors even I’ve forgotten…

1. Brian Falkner

Who wrote Brain Jack and The Tomorrow Code. Both being creepy and weird and disturbing and starring very interesting messages.

So I didn’t like it THAT much… I liked Brain Jack though. It was complicated and pretty much what would happen if the internet tried to kill you. 😀

2. Christina Meldrum

The only thing of hers I’ve read is Madapple, which is about cults and murder and things like that. It was excellent and creepy and weird and I really like the last line. So you should read it.

Also, her website is incredibly beautiful LIKE THE ANIMATIONS HOWWWW.

3. Kathy Mackel

I’ve only ever read one of her books too: Alien in a Bottle. Which is about glassblowing and aliens. Which I thought was absolutely beautiful. I reeeeeaaally liked it. It was SO PRETTY WITH ALL THE WORDS AND THINGS

And ART!!!


With this I leave you
to ponder the rules of the
endless universe.


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