kfpp: DPNSSSSSSS!!!!

The author is not responsible for any injuries, illness, and/or death related to kniting, including but not limited to stabbing self with needle, strangulation by yarn, irritation due to type of yarn used, pummeling by others due to being scared by the knitter’s trying to figure out how exactly their sweater was knitted.

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(This post was scheduled. Past-Cynthia has time-travelled to you. Pineapples.)




(also, sorry I haven’t done one of these in a while…)

(also, I MADE A PICTURE FOR THIS! I’M SO PROUD. I had to stand over it clutching my lamp and the camera in my left hand [I’m a rightie]



Double pointed needles are life. They are the most glorious thingies in the knitting universe. I think.

You need multiple DPNs to knit things — I bought mine in a pack of five (CYNTHIA BOUGHT SOMETHING) but the fifth one is currently lost… 😀

Actually, the first time I worked with them I made them out of chopsticks.


Casting on with DPNs is a bit different. (dang it I forgot to switch out of the Icelandic keyboard)

Take your first DPN (just one) and cast on x number of stitches as usual. Here I think I have eleven. Don’t take your second DPN out yet…

I think I do this part differently from the rest of the world Start another stitch and fit your third DPN into that one up there. The big one. Then continue casting on ON THAT SAME NEEDLE.


I believe you typically cast on the same number of stitches per needle, but nothing says you can’t…

Repeat for however many needles you want. The most you can do is (number of DPNs) – 1.

Now that you have casted on, you must JOIN THE CIRCLE. Insert your last DPN in the first stitch on the first DPN (or the first stich you made) and start knitting (You have to sing that. Preferably with jazz hands. No choice. 😀 )


Actual knitting isn’t that hard. When you get to the end of a needle stick the DPN you just freed from the stitches, insert it into the first stitch of the next DPN and continue its conscription. Pretty much JOINING THE CIRCLE with an already-joined circle.

Note that by knitting I actually mean purling. I don’t actually understand how you do it without purling. It looks very strange. So purl those stitches, my children.


Does that even make sense?


A meditation on circular knitting needles:

I don’t actually have these.


However, I have pondered their meaning, and this is my conclusion:

You use them like regular knitting needles except a) you slide the stitches you made AROUND and start again using the same needle position.

Does that make sense?





Tip: You should probably use cotton yarn for this. I’m using acrylic because I think my cotton is wholy unsuited to knit socks with…


  1. cast on 11/dpn (3 dpns)
  2. knit until the part that covers your ankles is as long as you want it, whatever pattern you want
  3. knit sock heel (see photos)
  4. k2r
  5. d 1 k to end of row
  6. k2r
  7. d 1 k to end of row
  8. k2r
  9. d 1 k to end of row
  10. k2r
  11. d 1 k to end of row
  12. k2r
  13. d 1 k to end of row
  14. k2r
  15. d 1 k to end of row
  16. k15r
  17. Split up the stitches on the three dpns to just two (should be 14 or 15 s on each)
  18. *d1 k to end of needle* twice
  19. k2r
  20. *d1 k to end of needle* twice for 5r
  21. cast off

I’m not actually sure if this works. If you try it and it makes reasonably sock-like socks, congratulations. If you end up with a tangled ball of string, comment your problem and I’ll try to help you (O.o). If you end up with a thing that looks a bit like a… case for sunglasses? I’ll do the project myself and try to figure out what went wrong… (O_O)

Hmm. Interesting faces.


Sock heels, a weird explanation with pictures:

So you have something like this. Maybe longer. Probably longer.

Slide a stitch from the needle you just finished onto the one you just freed from its burden. (Sorry DPN.)

Knit (actually purl in this case) until you only have one stitch left. Slide the last stitch you did to the left needle (I’m not sure what the picture is). Flip around, knit (ACTUALLY KNIT) until there are two stitches left. Slide the last stitch you did………….

Stockinette stitch your way back and forth. Don’t forget to slide the last stitch you did back… and count the number of stitches you’re supposed to leave behind (oops).

You should get something like this:

Now just knit your way across the remaining stitches (is it actually knit? not sure) and continue with the pattern as usual…


(ouch bad quality)


Now for weird and random knitting photographs / things that were lying around…


Feedback? Questions? Corrections? Weird observations? All very very very welcome. (Also, if you’ve done this before… you do actually use the knit stitch for DPNs?)


Today is a day of
not making any sense and

(Apr. 1, 2016, when I should really be working on my Camp NaNoWriMo project)

(But no I want to get my scheduled posts under control)


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  1. We were forced to sit in the school’s theater and watch High School Musical 2 for three hours today and so I just brought my knitting. I’m making a Hufflepuff scarf! You seem like an awesome knitter though. I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD KNIT WITH MULTIPLE NEEDLES AT ONCE. AHH.

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