(This post was scheduled. Past-Cynthia has time-travelled to you. Pineapples.)

(Also, this #sagatime was originally at 1:01 am on April 2, 2016.)

What may be the weirdest #sagatime I’ve done. Ever.


Once upon a paper cut, there lived a ghost. The ghost was very, very friendly, unless he was sad. He was almost always sad, because he couldn’t read. He always heard living people ranting about reading things, and he wanted to join in.

So he moved to the library and started in the picture books.

He tried to read them. He tried to listen in on people reading them. But they were always creeped out by his presence and moved away. So the ghost was sad.

Then the ghost met a fellow ghost called Shannon. Shannon was very pretty, but better, she knew how to read.

“Please teach me how to read,” said the ghost.

And so Shannon taught him how to read. He moved on to chapter books. He then grew tired of chapter books, and moved on to teen fiction, the to adult fiction.

Then he realized that YA novels were also chapter books, and he facepalmed.

“Shannon, what can I do?” he said. “If YA books are chapter books, I’m not sick of chapter books! But I hate chapter books!”

Shannon laughed and said, “Then you don’t like children’s chapter books.”

“Ooooh,” said the ghost. “Well, I need another book to read.”

And so he marched off to the top floor of the library to look for something to read.


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