Computers vs. my eyes

(This post was scheduled. Past-Cynthia has time-travelled to you. Pineapples.) Spoiler: the computer wins. I've installed an application on my computer called Flux. I've come to depend on this. Flux changes the color of your computer screen and makes it warmer. Which also means it isn't as glowy. Which also means I can actually stand… Continue reading Computers vs. my eyes



Today WordPress hates me. alksdjfhakldjfh. I wrote a song and I'm kind of freaking out because I'VE NEVER PUT MY MUSIC ANYWHERE ONLINE AND WERPQOWIEUFAJLKSDFLKASDMNC,ASJDFLAJSLKDJFLAIWUEORIUAWER. So. Um. Storytime. ~ Actually the sound quality isn't THAT bad. The first take was -shudders- ~ The Thursday of spring break (last last week [apr 19]) the receptionist at… Continue reading expectations

Underappreciated Authors #5

Also a thing I haven't done in forever… Sorry, Claire. ~ Underappreciated Appreciated Authors is a meme hosted occasionally by Claire @ Blankslater Reads. ~ So I was looking through the old books that I've read that I recorded physically, and here we have a few authors even I've forgotten… 1. Brian Falkner Who wrote… Continue reading Underappreciated Authors #5