Camp NaNoWriMo

So my left shift key is broken / is stuck / refuses to be pressed, so this is a horribly capitalized post…



For the uninitiated: NaNoWriMo without fixed wordcount, and with a) other people! b) any project you want, including editing and research! and c) I don’t think there is a (c) but shhh we can’t break the rule of three.

I’m doing it this year to try it out, which means I’m going to be mostly nonexistent on the blogverse except to occasionally finish writing posts and post them. Which also means I’m going to schedule a few posts and leave you mostly Cynthia-less.

Things I’m going to post:

  • Another KFPP. Sorry it took so long.
  • Underappreciated Authors #… I think it’s five now…
    • actually there’s only one right now but I’ll think of something
    • One day left Cynthia, you procrastinator
    • maybe I should post my essay on Of Mice and Men and laugh evilly as you try to make sense of it
    • okay I thought of something

(I’m going to post the short stories I write on the First Site and maybe other things if those people want them. Go over there if you want me in your life during April.)


Friendly reminder that i’m still looking for beta-readers but i realize that life is busy around this time (at least for high schoolers) so I don’t mind… My email is still [edit: redacted, the email is now caedxnli [at] gmail [dot] com]. I might make an actual email for bloggish affairs, but for now use the aforementioned one.

(sorry i’m using complicated vocab. I just finished writing that OMM essay and my brain’s still stuck in essay mode)

Also, if you’re reading from the WordPress reader, I changed what the blog looks like yet again…


6 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo”

    1. I love it when I post the same thing on both the blogs and people who follow both are in the awkward position of not knowing which one to comment on… and then my commenting back kind of dies too…

      Ahh what are you writing? Luck to you too *sends rainbows*

      Liked by 1 person

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