California weather part 2

It’s incredibly rainy right now. It’s so rainy, we’re in danger of losing electricity and the Internet. Also, it’s windy.

(Those of you who live in a place where it rains regularly will not understand. Those of you living in California and/or the Bay Area can relate.)

You really do not want to know how rainy it is. There’s a creek by one of the libraries I regularly haunt, and it’s overflowing. I can’t remember how long it’s been since this has happened.

I walked to the library today with a Santa Claus hat. I needed to return a bunch of books, mostly my sister’s. And I had a really nice umbrella. It saved my life twice, from things falling at high speeds from trees.

I have a bunch of really nice books. And really wet

  1. Sneakers (thus making today the first time I’ve worn something other than sneakers out of my house on FOREVER) (boots)
  2. Jacket. Singular. Though it rained yesterday, so I ruined another jacket. (Cynthia Li, ruining jackets since 1999) (I was born in 2001. 1999 sounds better.)
  3. Umbrella. Also singular.

Also, there hasn’t been a potential power outage since someone crashed into a telephone pole behind my school when I was in fourth grade. So that’s reeeaaaaally weird.

So now I’m finally reading stuff by Victoria Schwab. And I’m going to drown in books… wish me luck against the suddenly inflated tbr.

California is crazy.


Take my internet
Take my electricity
Just don’t take my tea


3 thoughts on “California weather part 2”

    1. Oh dear now I’ll stay awake all night worrying about flooding sewer systems.
      IMPROMPTU HAIKU (< rhymes)
      When it is raining
      the sewers get really full
      and so do toilets.


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