Camp NaNoWriMo

So my left shift key is broken / is stuck / refuses to be pressed, so this is a horribly capitalized post… ~ April = CAMP NANOWRIMO! For the uninitiated: NaNoWriMo without fixed wordcount, and with a) other people! b) any project you want, including editing and research! and c) I don't think there is a… Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo


Wattpad vs. Tablo

*procrastinates on writing end of story, because what else do you do I'm scared* *finally uses Canva to do things* I publish my novel on two different platforms: Tablo and Wattpad. Personally, I like Tablo a lot. Wattpad just looks nicer. And feels more comfortable and normal. But Tablo is an amazing, amazing platform. What… Continue reading Wattpad vs. Tablo

Shipping: a post with way too many questions

tl;dr (did I really just type that that's unbelievably atypical): I don't ship things. TW: a lot of questions. I don't even know why I wrote so many questions. Possibly not PG. ~ No, not the thing where you put things into boxes and send them away. Though I hardly doubt that was what you were… Continue reading Shipping: a post with way too many questions

A rare review: Gentlemen & Players, Joanne Harris

Guys, I actually wrote a book review. This is scary. ~ Book: Gentlemen and Players (Goodreads) by Joanne Harris. most of publisher blurb: For generations, privileged young men have attended St. Oswald's Grammar School for Boys, groomed for success by the likes of Roy Straitley, the eccentric Classics teacher who has been a fixture there for… Continue reading A rare review: Gentlemen & Players, Joanne Harris

A crash course in Norse mythology (with bad sound effects)

Also known as, Cynthia getting mad at the inaccuracies of Marvel. edit: um apparently this is getting a lot of views from google? i honestly do not recommend this post. this is me rambling about the norse mythos. with bad sound effects. i got all this information from research online; i recommend a lot.… Continue reading A crash course in Norse mythology (with bad sound effects)

This one is… strange. That’s all I have to say. Quick definition: #sagatime, in which I write a story in real time on Twitter. Originally Joanne Harris’s idea (@joannechocolat). ~ Once upon a dry riverbed, storm clouds gathered on the horizon. The girl was standing on the bank, barefoot, when she saw them, and she… Continue reading