Underappreciated authors #3

And it appears that it’s time for another one…


Underappreciated Authors is a meme hosted by Claire @ Blankslaters to highlight authors who we think need more love.

1. Cressida Cowell

The theme of this post appears to be “authors whose books were actually made into good movies, thus ensuring that no one will ever read the books.”

How to Train Your Dragon, the books. Yes. There are books. There are twelve of them. Hiccup is a redhead. Fishlegs is skinny. Toothless is a tiny green dragon. READ THEM OR ELSE


The movies are great. It’s just that they’re completely different from the books.

*weeps* *continues only mentioning children’s authors*

2. Michael Morpugo

War Horse. Shadow. I’ve only read those, but he’s written a LOT of stuff. Most of it has animals in. Most of the animals are horses.

War Horse is SO. GOOD. It’s about a British horse that was bought by the army during WWI to be part of the cavalry.

I have so many problems with the movie I can’t even express them in words. The book was 165 pages long AND THEY CANT EVEN REPRODUCE THAT IN A TWO-AND-A-HALF HOUR MOVIE WITH WAR SCENES.



Next time I promise

To find some YA authors–

The reading list grows.


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