Knitting and capitalization

**apologies for the last post if you get emails for these things. I forgot where the save button was and pressed publish instead. Then I couldn’t find a way to undo it. Hence, this paragraph. (<is there supposed to be a comma after “hence”?)

Regarding Capitalization

From now on, titles of blog posts will be capitalized in the Spanish manner: only capitalizing the first letter. My life will be easier that way.

Prefiero mucho
la capitalización


The world appears to be extraordinarily unfamiliar with knitting. Most reactions to a proclamation of “I knit things” seem to be “that’s cool” or “I CAN’T KNIT THE YARN TRIES TO STRANGLE ME.” I had trouble finding decent resources when I (re-)taught myself, and my mom’s friend had already taught me how to do it.

Knitting is underrated. It’s not just an old lady thing. Also, you can make useful things. Like gloves and socks. And when you make socks, you can also make ALL THE HARRY POTTER SOCK REFERENCES. Honestly, socks are like a motif in Harry Potter. They probably symbolize something like…


And because you need pictures to teach people knitting, I’d like you to meet my lovely digital camera:
Photo on 1-17-16 at 12.14 AM.jpg
People still use them, you know.
If you don’t have knitting needles, chopsticks work. Maybe pens. Try anything long and pointy.

That sounds wrong.

I think we’ll call this Knitting for poor people. Anyone care to join me?


When you do not have

money you end up using

chopsticks for knitting.


I should probably

be in bed right now but I’d

much rather write this.


You know, I shall now

go to sleep. You should as well.

Sleep is important.





^^ that actually worked out. I’m surprised.

Now I really will go to sleep.


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