Kfpp: Knit/purl stitch and casting on

The author is not responsible for any injuries, illness, and/or death related to kniting, including but not limited to stabbing self with needle, strangulation by yarn, irritation due to type of yarn used, pummeling by others due to being scared by the knitter’s trying to figure out how exactly their sweater was knitted. Also, KFPP is… Continue reading Kfpp: Knit/purl stitch and casting on

This is another #sagatime. Or, when I write a story on Twitter on the spot. This concept was stolen from the wonderful Joanne Harris. My follower count there has doubled since Christmas. Which is amazing. It has also doubled here, which is equally amazing. I mean, my blogging isn’t exactly consistent. It’s way too weird for that.… Continue reading

Knitting and capitalization

**apologies for the last post if you get emails for these things. I forgot where the save button was and pressed publish instead. Then I couldn't find a way to undo it. Hence, this paragraph. (<is there supposed to be a comma after “hence”?) Regarding Capitalization From now on, titles of blog posts will be… Continue reading Knitting and capitalization