The Christmas Thing 2015

Cool cognate: þing (pronounced “thing”) in Old Norse (other Germanic/moderner languages uncertain) means gathering.


Here is the final Christmas thing:

I actually like it a lot, and so it’s on Tablo too: (with a cover. and yet another explanation of sagatime. and “chapter” titles.)


If you missed the English bits from the end of the last post, here: S’il vous plait respondez-vous. I really do need to know if you’d prefer all the things in one place.


Writing things aside, well, it’s almost Christmas. Maybe it’s already Christmas for you on your end of the screen. Or you’re reading this after Christmas because of a social media hiatus.

I’m still not done with all the presents. *cries*

In any case, merry Christmas. I send thee love, hugs, cookies, and milk. I’m sending that to everyone. They’re very important, the love and hugs and cookies. And even more important is the milk.


This is probably going to be my last post of the year. Which means I’m going to rant.

1. Joanne Harris. SHE IS GREAT

2. Blogging. First the Other Site. Then this one, in… October? yeah. October.

3. Twitter. A few weeks ago.


5. Fandoms. Social media.

6. High school. End of August.

7. The first typed draft of On The Other End Of The Rainbow. The title’s way too long and I shall call it On The Other End from now on. Hopefully I’ll finish the second one this year too. At least I have a decent plot now. Will be on Tablo.

8. NaNoWriMo achieved. Finally.

9. Tablo.

10. The beauty of French.

11. Just… French.

12. Tout le monde est le même. < I think that’s wrong.

13. Actually, sonnets, which is surprising. How to write them.

14. Shakespeare.

15. Hoboplace. At school. In which my friends and I make food, eat food, steal food, argue about math/Spanish/etc, I try to force everyone to read Runemarks, and Caitlin ships JeanxGato. (That’s a dragon and a cat from On The Other End. Caitlin’s occasionally my beta reader.) (Caitlin:

16. Definitely Amanda Palmer. And the Dresden Dolls.

17. The Grisha Trilogy. Which is LADKSFJALSKDFJAWRUIYWAEIROUAY-ishly good.

18. knitting.

19. Audiobooks. Which I first discovered because I took the Chinese SAT with listening, which requires you to get one.

20. ASL. aka American Sign Language.

21. TED talks. My favorites: < because I love Twitter < I don’t like the book very much < yes. Yes. Yes.

22. Haikus must have a juxtapostition in the last line. According to eighth grade language arts teacher. Which I never manage to do.


I hope that you have

eaten very much and hugged

very much and loved.



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