Lemons, Rainbows, and California Weather

Sorry I couldn’t get this story to you earlier. Parental problems.

Photo on 12-13-15 at 3.12 PM.jpg

Those are lemons. Slightly demented, orange-looking lemons. More specifically, the lemons mentioned in the earlier blog post. You know, the ones my friend told me to pick and then didn’t pick up?

(not because she was a bad friend, just because no stores were selling peppermint sticks)

There are twenty-seven of them. At the time of lemon-picking, there were thirty-two, but my sister used (I think one?) for making lemonade (HOW DO YOU ONLY USE ONE LEMON FOR LEMONADE) and I have stuck candy cane-looking peppermint sticks into another one, so I only own thirty.


Last Friday, about five o’clock or so. I was randomly doing things on the internet. She google-chatted me asking if I had lemons.

(You know the world’s ending when you make up a word for google-chatting.)

There is a lemon bush-tree-looking thing outside my house, and at some point in the year there will be 1293879287319826487136+ lemons in any given lemon tree. Or, in this tree’s case, lemon-looking things. When I took a look at some of them they looked suspiciously orange-like. I haven’t confirmed this yet.

(okay, so it’s not technically my house. We’re renting because my parents are hopelessly rich and decided to rebuild our house, which is almost the stupidest endeavor they have ever considered. There’s still a lemon tree at the other house. I have way too many lemons.)

I went out at about five o’clock to get her lemons. Where I live, this means that it was a) cold, b) dark, and c) really cold. Also, lemon trees have thorns. And about half the lemons were suck inside the tree where I couldn’t reach them.

I got lemons anyway, because I was bored and had nothing to do. And so I have thirty lemons and nothing to do with them.

Then on Sunday it rained. Which is great for California. It’s been raining a lot lately. And there was a rainbow. It was a half-rainbow, and I don’t have the pictures because I’m blogging from the closest library to my house and do not trust the wifi. Too many computer/science fiction novels. My father password-protected my laptop. Delightful, I know.

(I’ll stick them somewhere later.)

It’s funny to me because I’m writing a book called On The Other End Of The Rainbow. You can read the first thirty-two or so chapters on Tablo, which is kind of like Wattpad on steroids (and it looks a whole lot better): tinyurl.com/ontheotherend. (Basic description: Norse mythology. Venus flytraps. Fish. Magic. Bald people, severed heads, and ravens.)

Reading not mandatory. Is free. May make good winter break reading when bored, though.

(Tablo is really, really cool. At least, it’s cool if you don’t have money. Like me.)

So because it was a half-rainbow, my sister asked me where the other end of the rainbow was.

Yes. My sense of humor is hopeless.

I’ve just realized that this computer has a touchscreen. why didn’t you tell me about this earlier

The library I’m sitting in just got remodeled. It’s really pretty and high-tech now, as demonstrated by the touchscreen.

Me and my father are not getting along well. He shall henceforth be referred to as “father.” But I’m not blogging to drown you in my personal problems. Therefore, I shall write haikus for you.


Maybe you wanted

ice cream when you followed this

I still don’t have it.


I’m listening to

a CD on my player

I am so low-tech.


I should really get

some ice cream for this blog but

really? It’s winter…


Note to self: never use CD player in public. Earphones = death.

 Sorry this is such a long post… And I’ll get you ice cream. And chocolate. Eventually.


Edit: I just realized that I could edit this post and so here is the only decent picture I could find of rainbow:

(it’s the faintly rainbow-ish line from the top left to the middle)

(my sister took the photo because she was hogging the phone don’t blame me)

(I am so high tech I don’t have a phone)



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